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kunesh for Chattanooga City Council - District 8 - vote tuesday 7 march 2017

tom kunesh · District 8 · a Voice for the People

tom kunesh - photo • married, father of 5
• teacher (Spanish, Native American studies)
• historic preservationist
• US Navy veteran (Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, east Africa)
• TN Commissioner of Indian Affairs 2007-2010
• member, Save Citico & Lincoln Park
• member, Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga
• board member, Native American Indian Association of Tennessee
Chattanoogavote tuesday 7 march 2017

Our children are our future - we need to invest in them early. I will work to extend Head Start's early childhood education to all 3-year-olds in Chattanooga so that they have the best opportunity for success later in life.

The good news in District 8 is that property crime is down. The bad news in District 8 is that homicides are up - from 2 in 2013 to 9 in just this last year.
Obviously something in the City’s 'Violence Reduction Initiative' is not working to stop this criminal activity. But something is working on reducing property theft. We need to stop and look at what is working in our communities and invest more in the police efforts that are producing positive results.
We have seen what can happen when the City’s financial resources are brought to bear on fixing up & re-seeding business in the inner city. Now the District 8 City Councilman needs to focus on improving the business and community infrastructure in our poorer neighborhoods, to support local business and employment opportunities.

Community Investments
All citizens and businesses in Chattanooga should be sharing tax responsibility equitably. And City government, especially its individual City Council representatives, should be accountable to its citizens to improve the whole community equitably. The City Council’s 'Payment In Lieu Of Taxes' (PILOT) program should ensure that corporate investments are targeted to improve community services. For example, for every PILOT corporate tax break agreement that the City Council considers, i will make sure that there is an equally public Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) that spells out how that tax break will help the whole community.

The City of Chattanooga’s lowest paid worker makes $11.85 an hour. As Chattanooga progresses toward being the best city of the South, i will work with labor to establish a $15 living wage for all City of Chattanooga workers.

Government Transparency & Accountability
The City’s budget, staffing and crime statistics are information that citizens need to be able to measure for ourselves how our government is working for us, and who’s benefitting the most or not at all. Independent of the mayor’s administration, i will work with other City Council members to share more detailed crime and financial information, especially as it relates to individual districts, with the public, and in real time.

District 8 is the most culturally diverse City Council District. We should celebrate our diversity more and preserve Native American sites, like Citico, African-American neighborhoods, like Lincoln Park, like Hispanic milpas on the Southside, as we have done for the neighborhoods of Ferger Place and Fort Wood. With me as City Council representative, District 8 will have representation that recognizes and works for the preservation of all our cultures.

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Chattanooga - District 8 - 2017